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It’s time to put our camera’s where are mouths are… or something like that.

Over the past two months we have been in pre-production for a little short movie called “Within the Woods”.
If that name seems a bit familiar to you, it probably is.

Within the Woods is a short story about four kids that travel to a cabin and accidentally disturb supernatural forces that protect an ancient indian burial ground.

Originally created by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, it was a half-an-hour short film used to raise funds for the first Evil Dead movie. It was shot over a three-day weekend on a family farm.

Our short will be shot in the same spirit as the original. Production will take place over one three day period at a cabin, using what we have available to try and make a short that we can use on a demo reel to fund our first feature film. It will be shot using our own equipment by a crew that has over four years experience working in film. We have also consulted a psychology graduate to assist with the frightening imagery that will be used throughout the short.

Thanks for your time.

Wish us luck!