Support myhomemadefilmschool!

As Durable Mutation Productions is an independent filmmaking company, we rely on our fan support to
continue our work. While maintaining our website “Myhomemadefilmschool”, we have just entered the
pre-production phase for our first feature film as well as two short films. 
By contributing money to our productions, you will become one of our “Backers”.

How is the contributed money spent?

Money will be used to pay for any equipment rental, festival, production design, costume,
prop, makeup prosthetic, location, insurance, transportation, lodging, post-production, visual
effects or music rights fees that we will have to deal with along the way. Most of our team will be 
working for us as a favour and they are excited to support Durable Mutation Productions.

If you can’t contribute financially you can still help. Let people know that we exist and that we
are out here trying to make something happen. Spread the word around as much as you can! 


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