What is this?

We are going to try to bring the best parts of different film schools together in one place and build
an online community that will interact, participate and critique each "student's" work in an attempt
to better ourselves and those who are also interested in learning about film making. 

Using the internet, bookstores and local experts we will find out if it is possible to become a great
film maker using limited resources that are readily available. Not everyone can make it to the "top" film
schools (due to logistics, finances, personal circumstances), so we're going to try to bring it to you.
For free. We won't be taking the role of professor either, we will be students just like you. All of us
learning together. 

IS THIS FOR YOU? This project will include everyone. The kid next door that wants to pick up a camera
for the first time, the weekend family videographer and the six-time Emmy nominated producer. All aspects
be covered. People will be given the opportunity to showcase their work, give hints, 
build or enhance their demo reel and potentially find some work through networking. 

Follow us on our journey of self-discovery. We're going to find out what it takes to make it big, and with a
little luck, and a lot of hard work, we'll do just that.

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