Our adventure!

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Blogs
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It’s been a while!  Almost five months actually.

I haven’t been updating this website because I’ve been off learning how to direct.
Now, I’ve directed some short comedy skits in the past (you can check out my YouTUBE page with all those embarrassing videos, and the ones that made it onto the Comedy Network), but this was my first time raising funds for a project, setting up a crew, getting a location and trying to direct something a little more serious.

And so far – I’ve made a tonne of mistakes!  It’s been a fantastic learning experience.  After shooting the film and not being happy with it whatsoever, I decided to learn from this experience instead of getting grumpy and giving up.

The project was an exercise to see if I could put together all the knowledge that I’ve acquired while working on sets and attending college. I wanted to start from scratch, writing a short script, getting funding and all the rest. While the project we shot may not ever see the light of day, I’ve discovered a personal style that I enjoy and learned what not to do in many situations. I haven’t given up. I am currently in the process of changing things up and preparing to re-shoot the majority of the footage. It can become difficult when scheduling your cast & crew, as everyone has their own activities and it’s hard to get all the times to match.

I’ll be posting more about the progress of the short as time goes by.  One benefit of the project is that I now have lots of behind-the-scenes material and stories that I can share. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and not make them yourself.

I’ll also continue to post about informative books, great online tutorials and general tips, maybe even incorporate a section that documents our short film progress. I’ve been stockpiling a bunch of lessons and notes from the books I’ve been reading as well as more school projects.. There may even be a post regarding crowd funding websites and my experience with them, as I’ve just finished two campaigns.

So check back every once in a while!  I’ll try to develop a schedule for my posts.

  1. sebastian fitzpatrick says:

    hey can u contact me about movie making through email because i need some pointers on how to do some stuff in the editing and the filming procces

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