Assignment #2. LA Film School – First Semester, First Project.

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Project Outlines
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Let's take a look at the first assignment "Lost & Found". This one comes from the LA Film School. 

Located in Hollywood California, it was founded by a group of Hollywood professionals in 1999. It is a 
state-of-the-art facility that is recognized by the majority of big names in the industry. Most 
importantly it’s building was used by John Williams to record the score for Return of the Jedi!

This facility is a heavy-hitter among all film schools.  Their projects are quite useful to any 
aspiring director. Each week students are presented with projects that will both challenge their 
passion for creating movies and prepare them for any situation that may arise when they work in the 

The students all give off the impression that some projects are assigned without any warning. For 
example, the school takes its students on a trip and presents them with a quick shooting project that 
requires use of an unknown location. 

First assignment: 

“Lost and Found”
Students are given one week with a crew of 3-4 people to shoot one single continuous scene 
(30 seconds – 1 minute). No editing allowed. You can only use available lighting and minimal dialogue.
The central character must lose something and then find it. 

This project is designed to get the student to think about telling a story in a visual manner. 
The student must learn to use basic camera movements as well as structure a story with little dialogue.

Grab a camera, get out there and try this out. Follow the rules and see what you can learn from making
your own version of this project. When you are all done, post it online so others can help you figure 
out where you succeeded and where you need to work out some ideas. Also, post it HERE! We have an 
audience that will watch your work and give you feedback.  


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